Multiple factors determine the success of your webstore – Market offering, tapping the right target group, smooth, glitch free and synchronized performance, and processes, an edge over competitors. Amongst these very factors, transactions amount to a very crucial core process which needs to be administered and regulated meticulously.

The transactions platform is a very significant game changer. For any merchant, facilitating smart transaction routing can make significant savings as well as add robustness to their payments. Having an intelligent routing system in place plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of your business. It is designed to improve profits and identify cost reduction opportunities by intelligently routing transactions to the most cost-efficient acquirer, increasing authorization rates and minimizing risk. Moreover, the right partner will not only track and analyze results in real time but also tailor them to suit the specific needs of each client, while ensuring efficient implementation and execution. However, it is true that most merchants working in smaller set ups rarely have adequate knowledge or the bandwidth to dedicate resources solely to this purpose.

Our team at Newgen Payments believes in uplifting the overall experience of the customers. We understand how frustrating it is, for both merchants and customers when a transaction fails. This frustration stems from lack of control on the payments. Having recognized this, our approach has been to provide absolute and overall control of transactions to the merchants by enabling Saarthi – Intelligent Transaction Routing by Newgen.

How does Saarthi make the decision in identifying the right acquirer for a particular transaction? Saarthi’s non-deterministic algorithms evaluate transaction based on multiple parameters of acquirers such as their platform health, performance and fee charged by them. All this is completely automated and uses machine learning by default to reach these results. We understand merchants know their business much better than what a machine learning model can simulate. Therefore, Saarthi also takes into account the priorities set by the merchant to arrive at the optimal decision with the highest probability of a successful transaction. Newgen’s easy-to-use and intuitive portal enables merchants to configure payment routing rules on the basis of Currency, Country, Credit Card BINs, etc while processing with multiple acquirers. With Newgen’s in-depth analytics merchants can view with complete transparency how the routing is faring in real time. These actionable insights help them tune the rules even further.

Consequently, our merchants have significantly recovered lost sales while minimizing cost. Also, we ensure that the annoying processors’ downtimes stay concealed and the customers enjoy a seamless payment experience. Partner with Newgen, transform your payments and witness the growth of your business.

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