In today’s competitive Ecommerce scene, every merchant is looking to optimize their webstore to maximize conversions. While the other components of the webstore such as UI/UX and the Checkout flow is well covered and much effort is undertaken to optimize it, payments are usually ignored as being only a utility. This could not be further from the truth as seamless and intuitive payments can help increase conversion rates significantly. 

At Newgen we are constantly trying to bring innovative features to our merchants to boost their conversion. Working with our merchants, we have experienced first-hand that optimizing payments flow can significantly improve conversion rates and help in coming full circle towards a successful and thriving online business.

Among the most vital features that have helped our merchants grow their online business are:

Intelligent Transaction Routing

A declined payment is the ultimate lose-lose situation for both merchants and their customers. And there is a feeling of helplessness when the control of these failures is not with merchants, but with the payment processors. Newgen’s technology puts merchants in the driving seat by enabling ITR so that they steer their own transactions. Newgen’s proprietary algorithms optimize the transaction flow by finding the best ways to route payment requests through various payment acquirers. Each transaction is instantly analyzed and routed to the most suitable provider based on more than a dozen parameters.

Newgen uses a non-deterministic mathematical model to rank all the applicable acquirers for the given transaction using a slew of information including platform health and performance, historic track record, etc. We also take into account the priorities set by the merchant to arrive at the cost-optimized decision with the highest probability of success. Newgen’s portal enables merchants to configure payment routing rules based on multiple parameters including currency, country, Credit Card BINs, etc. Merchants can save significant fees by processing the payment requests through Newgen platform.

Saving Transactions via Instant Payment Retry, Second Chance and Continue Shopping

The payment can fail due to many reasons such as internet connectivity issues, unavailable payment methods, insufficient balance or bank/acquirer failures. To prevent the customer from the hassle of going through the whole process again, we provide Instant Payment Retry within the same order.

Many a times the customer needs to change the order at the time of payment. The customer now has to abandon the current payment, go through the store to re-add the items to cart and try paying again. All this pain is prevented by adding Newgen’s unique “Continue Shopping” feature on the payment page, using which the customer can easily return to the cart without losing any items. Hence, no customer dropouts!

Should the customer decide to abandon the transaction or decide to pay later, Newgen’s “Second Chance” feature notifies the customer regarding the pending transaction and helps complete the sale without any intervention or extra administrative effort from the merchant .

Smart Checkout via Dynamic Payment Page Builder A/B & Multivariate Testing

Newgen’s cutting-edge plug-and-play payments technology that gives the merchants complete control over their checkout process to maximize their conversions. It offers fully-responsive, cross-device compatible checkout pages with flexible designs to give customers the best user experience possible. These pages are multilingual and multicurrency by design and dynamically detect the language and currency to deliver a seamless experience and generate trust in the merchant brand.

The interactive and easy to use “Payment Page Builder” is used to build these pages. It enables merchants to create, edit, preview and activate their custom-designed payment pages in less than a minute without needing any design/development skills. This way merchants can design multiple payment pages for various websites, seasons, festivals etc.

A/B & Multivariate testing allows merchants to create several payment page designs and run experiments to identify the pages with the best conversion rates. Our Smart Page ranking algorithm will automatically detect the page that performs the best in an experiment, maximizing the checkout conversion rates.

Social Media Instant Buying, QR Code Payments and Direct Payment links

Merchants can easily embed “Buy Now” links into their social media campaigns, which their audience can click on for instant purchases and share their purchase seamlessly with their friends. This enables merchants to get more creative in promoting special sales and increases campaign conversion rates.

QR Code payments can be instantly launched and shared via the unique QR codes that bring interested visitors directly to a one-step Buy Now Page for instant purchase. These QR codes can be embedded into both online and offline settings to reach out to wider customers.

Merchants can also automatically send direct payment links to their customers in an email with their custom branding. Customers can easily complete their payments by clicking on the Pay Now link in the email, which takes them to a custom one-step payment page. Merchants get paid instantly and customers receive their invoices once the payment is successful.

All these unique features have significantly increased conversion rates for our merchants.

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