The gaming merchants are leading the charge with making new innovations everyday to champion their players’ engagement and in-game experience. The payment processors need to keep up with the constantly changing ecosystem in complementing and supporting these innovations. The payment process needs to be as intuitive and seamless as possible so it does not break the game flow or change the state of play. The requisite tasks such as registration and payment deposits need to be blazing fast so the players can get back to their game as soon as possible. The User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) across devices should follow similar design guidelines so the players get the optimum experience they are accustomed to.

Newgen is proud to launch UTOPIA at SiGMA to empower gaming merchants to boost their conversions using in-house cutting-edge FinTech solutions and innovative features.

Intelligent Transaction Routing (ITR)

A declined payment is the ultimate lose-lose situation for both, merchants and their customers. And there is a feeling of helplessness when the control of these failures is not with merchants, but with the payment processors. Newgen’s technology puts merchants in the driving seat by enabling ITR so that they steer their own transactions. We optimize the transaction flow by finding the best ways to route payment requests through payment processors and prevent declines before they even happen. Each transaction is instantly analyzed and routed to the most suitable provider based on more than a dozen parameters. Those annoying provider downtimes stay invisible and your customers experience a seamless payment experience at all times. ITR does much more than just ensuring High-Availability of your payment process - merchants can save significant payment fees by optimizing the payment request to the appropriate processor.

Newgen uses a non-deterministic mathematical model to rank all the applicable acquirers for the given transaction using a slew of information including platform health and performance, historic track record, etc. We also take into account the priorities set by the merchant to arrive at the cost-optimized decision with the highest probability of success. Newgen’s portal enables merchants to configure payment routing rules based on multiple parameters including currency, country, Credit Card BINs, etc. The transaction flow and volume can also be capped within a given time period per acquirer.

Customer Identity Graph

To improve customer experience, there needs to be data pointing to the correct places where these improvements need to happen and visibility in your customers’ actions. Customer profiling is not only about identifying suspicious transactions, but also filtering the good customers and ensuring a smooth journey for them. Establishing true identity is a complex and nuanced task. But if you correctly resolve the identity, it helps tremendously in understanding customer behavior patterns.

Newgen’s Customer Identity Graph addresses this problem by building a cohesive interconnected graph of customer accounts, details and devices. Analogous to a graph database, Newgen’s Identity Graph implements Graph Theory with the aim of consolidating customer behavior across various channels, devices and touchpoints. It empowers the merchants to analyze customer segments or particular customers and offer targeted promotional measures and much more can be done with troves of insights gained from the Customer Identity Graph.

Ease of Integration

At Newgen Payments, we are continually working on getting these cutting-edge features to our merchants and improving payment experience across the globe so our merchants stay ahead of the competition. Features such as flexible 3D secure, Synchronous Payments, Instant Payment Page builder certainly help our merchants stay ahead of the curve. Our team has a track record of shipping these features fastest to the market. We think in the terms of hours and days rather than weeks and months. Our in-house developed modern and fully modular platform offers complete flexibility to provide the solutions that are customized to merchants’ wishes and requirements. Our APIs, complete with comprehensive documentation are designed with ease of integration as the primary focus.

Support, Security and Monitoring

All our APIs follow the stringent of security guidelines and we offer Three-Tiered security layers to protect against any unwanted activity or usage to make sure only completely legitimate calls go through. All this decision making happens instantly as our platform is powered by highly performant algorithms and best in class infrastructure, hence the transaction processing performance is never affected.

We come in as your technology partners rather than as a vendor, and therefore facilitate a robust support system for any issues that may arise. Our support team is dedicated to provide around the clock support across various communication channels such as chat, email and telephone.

You need actionable insights on customers to identify patterns where you can make changes to boost your business. We provide that digested and presented in a form to help you plan, track and increase your conversions. You can view your transactions processing in real-time, any time, and review your success rate, detailed fee breakdown with 100% transparency.

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